Saturday, October 23, 2010


With a little surge in posts not seen since the early days of my draw-blog, I made my way to Sketch-of-the-day 100! And it only took me about 500+ days to get to that number. Wow. Bad.

I wish I had something more grand to display for this momentous occasion - but, considering the jobs I have beating down on my schedule like a silverback, this is all I had time for - a modest random-sketchbook-doodle. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and since plugging my book of pencil drawings hasn't gotten a plug in a while - I will take the time to plug my book: Buy my book! Seriously. Do it. Your life can't possibly be complete without it.


  1. Awesome as always, congrats on you 100th sketch!

  2. Congratz on reaching the big 100! I always look forward to seeing your newest sketches.

  3. Will you be selling your book at Illuxcon? If so, it shall be bought!