Thursday, November 25, 2010


I love books. I like reading books but those kind I usually borrow or get from the library or possibly buy and then lend/give to someone else. But as far as buying, collecting, and stocking my shelves to their weight limits, I love books with lots of great pictures to look at.

I had a very modest, easily moved collection of books before discovering the greatest store ever. Ever since I discovered this store and gave myself the (mostly justified) reason to build a vast library of reference material, my collection has exploded. I don't know if I can estimate how many books I have purchased from the greatest store ever - but it's a lot. I recently just moved and believe me, there is a lot - and books are heavy (in case you didn't know).

Books of art from Klimt, Homer, Wyeth, Rockwell, Lockwood, Whelan, Berkey, Hildenbrandts, Gurney, Brom, Remington, Poortveilt, Alan Lee, Howe, Ian McCaig, etc - all for dirt-ass cheap. Books of photography - I scoop them up and devour them, too. The greatest store ever's a phenomenal trove of reference books and inspiration - and a dangerous place to be if you're trying to curb spending money!

So, what is this glorious place? Why, Half Price Books, friendo. If you didn't know that already, you have problems with your cerebrum.

Oh how I am thankful for Half Price Books!


  1. Speaking of books, yours just arrived to me not too long ago. Wonderful! :D

  2. Oh hells yes - Half Price Books is awesome. I have to make sure not to go there too often, because I come home with 5+ books every time. I need a new bookshelf because of that place.