Tuesday, December 28, 2010


While I try and muster the post-holiday energy to make three more installments to my "thankful" miniseries, I thought I'd post a few random sketches that I have put in Limited Edition AGGREGATE copies.

Speaking of that, if you have no idea what AGGREGATE is, well, it's a book of a whole bunch of my drawings. Here's my official ad (which doubles as a pleasant distraction from my ever-languishing website that I promised to update like 5 years ago). The limited edition copies are suddenly going fast - thanks to THIS flattering post by Dan Dos Santos on the most excellent MuddyColors blog.

And speaking of self-centered hyperlinks, I have a long-winded 2010 look-back post on Rottface News if you have the interest.

Hope everyone has had a fantastic year and that y'all have a great New Year's. Thanks for all your look-sees and comments - and to everyone that parted with their money for a copy of my book! Take care and see you in 2011!


  1. You have such a way with women - beautiful, but not Barbie-beautiful, and always intriguing. Nice work indeed. Oh - and your craggy, lizardy demony guys are nice as well.

  2. I got my copy at Gen Con! With my own Prescott cyber-punk chick. Awesome work and awesome sketchbook. If you all dont have it, I suggest you get it and help support a great artist.

  3. I got a Prescott Predator sketch in my book.
    BTW Steve, cool new blog header!

  4. WOW. Your work is excellent!!!
    I need to get a copy of your book.
    Can I order it from you to get a sketch, or do I need to go to Stuart Ng, Budplant...?

  5. Dan- Naw, I do everything the hard way - which means (switching to MadMax Aussie accent) you want a book, you talk to me. E-mail me at steve2@rottface.com for details.

  6. Mine arrived a few days ago and I love it (I scored the middle elf sketch). Booyah (and thanks again)!

  7. I recognize that drow! Love the sketch, love the sketchbook. Your work is a real inspiration.