Friday, September 23, 2011


Haven't posted anything in way too long. Luckily, I had this doodle of a weird fat bird in my sketchbook that I drew up after getting some inspiration from fellow artist PA Lewis's similarly themed blog. So I went back and fleshed it out a little bit to make it more than just a little scribbling.

If you're into fantastical pencil drawings and sketches, I beseech you to check out PA Lewis's drawings and artwork (hyperlink to her awesome blog of pencil drawings above!). She has some of the most elegant, lively, and whimsical drawings you will see this side of Claire Wendling. Just so delightful to the eye......


  1. Hey man! Love the recent drawings on the blog--and I really dig this bird. It too me a sec to realize the extra mini-wings.

    Thanks for dropping by the blog- I've been lousy at posting comments here, but I am always watching.....always......watching........always


  2. I really like this weird fat bird Steve, Awesome patterns! I can imagine the second pair of wings to be his scratching tool. ;)

  3. man, i remember looking thru your sketchbook at one of those Gencons, so many moons ago!
    -was the highlight of the trip!!!

    Great Bird! I want it. ;)