Monday, June 4, 2012


As a favor for a friend, I drew up my own version of a Jabberwock from the famous poem made up of gibberish words.  I can't recall when I last read that poem - perhaps I never even have read it until recently - but I always thought I had an idea of what a Jaberwock looked like.  Turns out that my preconceived notions were all based on the original accompanying illustration - but the poem itself is exceptionally vague about what a Jabberwock looks like stating basically that it flits around in the trees, has claws and teeth.  Obviously, that leaves it wide open for interpretation.  I was going to go for a scarier, creepier look for this thing but, with a name like Jabberwock, I figure it had to be at least a little more "weird" than "creepy".  So anyways, there ya go.

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