Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Check out my lame no-sketch post!!!!! Well, I'll go back and delete this sucker in a couple days - I just wanted to tell everyone (most notably those of you in the central ohio region) that I will be manning a table at the Origins gaming convention at the Columbus Convention Center from thursday through sunday. I'll have a whole heap of my artwork there as I try and trick people into buying it if only to use as litter liners. There should be some nice artists there including Guest-of-Honor Wayne Reynolds who does some supremely fun and detailed fantasy work. I don't know how much admission is but if you have the time and a fistful of dollars, swing by and check it out.


  1. Oh, man. We're going to miss both you AND Wayne Reynolds at Origins this year? Leave it to my husband to finish his residency and make us move away the year before this year's convention. ;) Oh, well. Are you going to be at Gen Con, this year? If so, we'll definitely see you there. Have fun!

  2. I will be there only as a visitor over that weekend. Decided against GenCon this summer - probably return next year though - it's too much fun.

  3. I'd come and visit you if I could afford the admission price. ;)