Monday, January 4, 2010


U is for Unkulunkulu

Unkulunkulu is the supreme deity - the sky god - the Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla of the Zulus in southern Africa. As the great defender of warrior nations, Unkulunkulu is also regarded as "He who topples kings" and "He who roars so that all nations are struck with terror". Essentially, he ain't no wuss and he ain't no ball boy.

As such, he arrived in the cosmos and made humans out of grass. Then he sent these silly creatures two messengers - a chameleon carrying the secret of immortality and a lizard with the message of death. Chameleons are ponderous and easily distracted so, of course, the chameleon stopped to eat some ants or something and the lizard got to the Zulus first. Alas, the dumb humans took the message of death and missed on the opportunity of partying through the centuries with Connor McCloud.


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  2. Ha! Great explanation. I love the gesture, that hand is killer.

  3. Nice Steve! I'm liking this sketch and all the Clouds and awesome hand! whoo hooo!