Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NAME THAT ALBUM CONTEST!: rules and regulations

The other day I was checking out and otherwise waxing nostalgic on cool album cover art and found myself contemplating that the days of album cover art notoriety and recognition (much like music videos - stupid MTV programming....) is waning thanks to music downloading and the death of music stores. I love album cover art as much, I'm sure, as all of you do - and I've been wanting to do a couple homages on my draw-blog for a while now. Well, I came up with an idea and am now currently finishing up a series of TEN sketches that pay tribute to various album covers.

The pencil drawings will be tributes to the original album covers but will not be exact representations - I'll have trimmed them down and put my own personal skew onto them in varying degrees but there'll be no doubt that they are a pencilly homage to their real counterpart.

In order to win the contest, you will have to be the first to name all ten albums (and the bands/artists, too!). I will post two sets of five spaced by a week or so. Upon posting the second set, the first person to list all ten in the "comments" column will win the original artwork.

To answer your skepticism, none of the albums are mega-obscure bootlegs or German imports or anything like that - but they're not anything as immediately and universally recognizable as "Abbey Road" or "Thriller" or anything by Christian-metal supergroup Stryper either. You may get some right away but have to get an audiophile pal to help you out on others (I don't want this to be TOO easy!).

I have no idea how this will go - someone might get them all right away or maybe it'll be too hard. If the latter is the case, I'll start dropping hints - but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Ok, so there's that. I'll post the artwork that'll be up for grabs by Thursday and hopefully the first salvo of draw-blogified album tributes by the beginning of next week (as well as let you know the exact day and time I will post the last five images!).

Until then, start thumbing through your 8-track, vinyl, cassette tape, and CD collections to get your juices flowin'!


  1. "rolls up sleeves" let's dance....(ps. Im'ma suck at this)

  2. Your album covers were great! I like how you have that guy holding an ASIA album, they had some amazing art! I don't think I have actually heard their music, but a month or two ago I bumped into one of there album covers and grabbed a bunch for inspirational imagery, Roger Dean is great!