Friday, January 25, 2013


Can't get enough goblin-oriented pencil drawings?  Well then, I'll have to oblige.  Here we follow up the previously posted "Brewing Faction" goblins with their own Beer Battle Cart which they can only use on downhill antagonists.  Notice the goblin puking - if I can work the act of puking into an illustration, by golly I will!

Above and the next two drawings are some goblin structures.  We have Goblin Political headquarters, A plutonium bomb factory, and a sorcerer's tower.

Looking at the plutonium bomb factory, I am reminded of my approach to goblin society.  Their society is much like how human society would be without ANY regulations of any kind and if you scrapped almost all design aesthetic.

And lastly, a goblin dentist.  He can help you with premium dentures OR budget dentures.  And no need to fuss over Novocain and pain relief - he doesn't really believe in that.


  1. awesome series, love it!
    looking forward for more of them =)

  2. This looks like a hell of a game man, I don't suppose we can still play it? The beer wagon kills me by the way...if you ever have time, that one deserves to be painted.

  3. How did they not move forward with this project!? These are so much fun.

  4. I'm not sure the reasoning behind any of their decisions about this game. I can tell you it was not an animated game. However the game was played, it used still illustrations. I think it was an endeavor the took up but for whatever corporate reasons, they lost interest in it. Other artists did work on it, too - though I think I was the only one concepting for it. One day I may approach their legal department to see if obtaining the rights to the work and ideas is a possibility.

    1. To answer your question, Chris, I don't think it ever even made it to production and play-testing. Sadly nothing came out of it other than a bunch of fun goblin drawings to look at.

  5. It's a sad fact that we ARE like the goblins of the Earth. Mischevious, often malevolent, sick sense of humor, and a knack for mechanized horrors that pervert nature. But hey, we make good beer :D