Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Yet MORE goblin drawings (I told you I had a lot of them!).  This batch includes some conceptualizing of the "Dark Arts" goblins and the "Dracogoblins".

The Dark Arts goblins dabble in all sorts of seedy and exceptionally dangerous projects - all having to do with tapping the demon world and using volatile enchantments and potions.  It goes without saying that they don't know what they're getting themselves into.

The Dracogoblins are the goblins that deal exclusively in dragons.  From catching to wrangling to taming (doesn't really work out too well) and also egg harvesting, these goblins work an extremely high-risk job.  I like the goblin that has a pathetic little net to cast on a dragon - he cowers behind his ceramic heat-shield knowing his job sucks.

Lastly is the guy with what HE thinks is the suckiest job but is really one of the safest (with a mortality rate of merely 57%).  He's the fertilizer goblin - and his job is to scoop dragon shit all day long and take it to the agriculture goblins so they can use it to fertilize their warped, monsanto-like crops.

Once again, all these images are copyright©Wizards of the Coast.


  1. wonderful stuff! I dont see any block in lines or sketch lines, do you just go for it?? amazing line quality.

  2. Übercool goblins.
    Do these guys go for Dragon's Maze (considering all that dragon stuff)?

  3. If you look closely at the dung-shoveller goblin, you can see some very light rough-in lines where I'm searching for the right pose and shape. My secret is that I have a really light touch when I draw and am then able to erase extraneous lines and parts that aren't working.

  4. Is there someone at WOTC that we can all bug to get this project off hold, I WANT IT. I'll put my name on the petition.

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