Monday, March 11, 2013


It's been a while, but I still have more goblin crap to share so I hope ya ain't sick of it yet.  In Goblandia, there was, of course, need of a mining faction to hastily and dangerously extract mineral resources for the depths of the world's crust.  Mining goblins obviously spend a lot of time down in the dark pick-axing and shoveling and drilling away.  Their eyes are pale like a cave fish and they're often not even as intelligent as their surface-dwelling brethren - probably because of the lack of adequate ventilation and thus, not enough oxygen to the brain. The drill borer is one of my favorites from the whole goblin series.

There is also a bioengineering division which experiments in complex biosciences - but with rudimentary understanding and tools.

Being foolhardy and distractedly industrious, goblins are prone to war.  War leads to escalation of weaponry - which leads to goblins figuring out ways to use plutonium.  Here is a plutonium bomb mechanic.  Radiation suits were not thought of yet.

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  1. I'll never get bored of your goblins -so great man. You should send your stuff to Laika - they are doing Paul Reeves "Goblins" book. You should stuff for them ;)

  2. I was being a bad employee and viewing your blog at work. It generated a "Wtf?" from a passerby, so I plugged you. You're welcome.

    Please do keep the goblinz coming. I love the little bastards :)

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