Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I've been wanting to draw some western stuff since I started this whole sketch-a-day thing.  Cowboy hats are especially fun to draw.  The more beat up, dinged, and hard-ridden the better.  And here's a little known fact - did you know cowgirls only ever buttoned one button on their shirts?  It's so true.

I just went to see the band Delta Spirit this evening.  Damn good show.  If you haven't heard them, look 'em up - they be good.  And singer dude has great lungs.  This has nothing to do with cowboys - or even sketching - but oh well.


  1. nice rack... nice realism in the sag too... them puppies ain't plastic... I like the cuffs too.
    I've been listening to louis lamour audio books lately... he was a great story teller.

  2. I like the hint of areola in the shirt. Very 70's Penthouse, sir. This is BA in a big way.

  3. Dude, L'Amour is awesome. I just chain-read four of his books not more than two months ago. I recommend "The Man from Skibbereen".

  4. Great Piece! And No, no because of the amazing brestesses goin on there. And I have new audio books to get on?! Awesome! You're right Scott. SAD is no joke:(