Friday, February 20, 2009


So i come home this evening thinking I had a light work schedule for the night - all I really wanted/needed to accomplish was one sketch (for work) and then I could relax and crank out a sketch-of-the-day.  Unfortunately, I checked my e-mail.  And e-mail had a little present for me - I found out that I have to go back in to a painting that I thought was done and over.  And not just a little tweaking - I have to go in and actually increase the entire size.  This rarely happens - but let me tell you, when it does, it is NEVER convenient.  So I had to do much more work tonight than I thought and I'll be working tomorrow, too (sucky!).  

Anyway, you get another rehash sketch from yor.  Here's a bugbear throttler I did last summer.


  1. Thanks for the revision Steve. While you're at it can you change the man to a woman, then change the woman to a horse. Also y'know the castle in the background? We're thinking of trying a non castle motif now.

    Look forward to seeing the final art tommorrow!

  2. The head hanging from the hip is fantastic.

  3. Oh man. That sux. I feel for ya dewd. Hang in there. You can do it! Is that an oil painting ur changing btw? *ouch*

    I likey you drawing though. That's a plus, hmmm?