Sunday, April 12, 2009


Starting today, I'm going to get a little ambitious with my daily sketches in order to make up for some gaps in my frequency of posts.  My ambition will take the form of an alphabetical series of Mythological Figures .  Obviously, we start with A:


The Jackal-headed  guardian of the Egyptian underworld has been portrayed countless times in fantasy art - mostly weak movies and video games.  There are actually a handful of "A" mythological figures that would have been fun to draw - but I've loved Anubis since I was a grade schooler (I did a report on Egypt once and I think I devoted half the report to Anubis!).  That said, I have a feeling Anubis might have had some early influence on my career path - so, I felt I should give him the seat of honor in kicking off my alphabet.  Before he and Thoth weigh my dead heart against the feather of truth,  maybe Anubis can take me on the scenic rout to the Hall of Judgement.


  1. Awesome idea! Great sketch! This is going to be a rad ride.

  2. Oooh this will be a good series! I love me some mythological characters!

    One promise... when you get to "X" you have to draw Xenu.
    Great drawing BTW.

  3. That's pretty damn awesome, Steve, but I expected nothing less from you!

    Anubis, from my own researches into Egyptian Lore, is pretty much an extension of the egyptian dog breed called (appropriatedly enough) "Pharaoh Hound", which is what I chose to use when I first depicted a Hound Archon.


  4. Dude, this is freaking amazing. I love it. The Alphabetical Mythical Creatures thing is pretty bad ass. I have to say, I'm impressed. Good Job! *round of applause for Steve*