Tuesday, April 21, 2009


E is for Echidna

I wasn't going to do Echidna at first since I have drawn plenty of snake-bodied weirdos in my career.  But upon a little more research I discovered she wasn't just any old snake-bodied weirdo - she was the mother of pretty much every freakish monster in Greek mythology - from the Hydra, to Cerberus to the Sphinx!  That's more than enough to get you a spot in my little alphabet project.

I find it amusing how genes and cross-species sex mean nothing in ancient myths.  Humanoid gods are always knocking boots with bulls and snakes and amalgamations and then giving birth to dragons and chimaeras and such.  Thank the sky that this isn't the case with modern human society - can you imagine the anxiety going in for that ultrasound?  Is it a boy?  Is it a girl?  No, it is a three headed dog that is destined to guard the gates to hell.  I mean, how do you decorate a nursery for that?


  1. I felt just like her this morning! Nice work.

  2. Great drawing. The texture on her forehead really puts it over the top for me.

  3. You are banging these out man. I mean stuff I have never even heard of before. I need to brush up on my myth's apparently. Nice Pose by the way. It's a great silhouette.

  4. Love the intensity of her expression!
    Great work Steve.