Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry about the long lapse in posts - been busy as well as enjoying a bit of solar radiation down in Florida.

As I try and bust out four paintings in 8 days, I'll have to dip into my reserve of older sketchbook drawings yet again. This is another from 7 or 8 years ago with some African flavor. Her hair is more Hopi indian - but I have a big book on just African tribe hair styles and there are a few that closely resemble that Hopi look. I don't think any had exclusive copyrights on the hair though.

Hopefully I can squeeze in one more drawing before the end of African Art Month and the beginning of a new series that will be part of a contest to win a free original painting of mine - so spread the word!

On a side note - if you happen to be within reasonable driving distance of Morehead University in Morehead, Kentucky, I have 12 fantasy paintings on display in the Strider Gallery through March 3rd. The paintings are from a handful of jobs from the past 6 years or so - all framed up and looking sharp. Come on over and take a look!


  1. My wife asks, "is that a butt?" haha...we agree it is the sexiest butt :P Digging this sketch man.

    You were in Fl recently? Where at? I'm in Gainesville.

  2. Thanks, Ben!
    Wasn't very close to Gainesville - I was down in Cape Coral visitin' my folks.

  3. Gotcha...bet it was nice though. Feel free to stop by if you're ever near here ;)