Thursday, February 3, 2011


Here's another random mask drawing. On this one I was reminded of the subtleties than can separate two different styles from different parts of the world. When I first drew this, I used really bold geometric black and white patterns and a round mouth - but it quickly started to look like a Pacific Islander mask and much less like one from Africa - so I went with more of a carved texture for the geometric patterning. I'm not trying to be specific with the look as far as tribe-to-tribe styles of Africa - but it has to look African for sure. Which goes to show that you can't just slap anything together - there is a certain look and feel. Too much of this and it looks Iroquois - too much of that and it looks Innuit - not enough of that and it looks Australian Aboriginal.

I have posted African art inspired stuff before - here are links to previous draw-blog posts (some of which contain interesting African mythology):

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