Wednesday, February 2, 2011


February is the turdliest month. Although I started getting sick of the winter part of the year much earlier this season, February is usually the point where the memory of what it is like to go outside in a t-shirt or see the color green starts to alarmingly fade. The novelty of snow and wearing coats and snuggling under a blanket to watch 30 Rock and way-too-early sunsets has trickled away down the storm drain under that dune of car-filth blackened snow. What I need is something to help get me through this wretched stretch of Winter.

If you know me then you've probably realized my penchant for sucking inspiration from the styles and motifs of antiquated/ancient cultures. Well, since February is Black History Month, that gives me a good enough reason to indulge in some African art inspired doodling - for what is more a part of Black History than Africa? Actually, Africa is in all our histories - since humans first busted onto the scene there - but I digress.

So, I'll be posting little drawings and doodles with very African flavors all month long. They are all my own takes on different design sensibilities of the different art forms and peoples of Africa - and not anything specific (so don't go cross-referencing my stuff to see if it fits into Ndebele or Hottentot parameters!).


  1. Fortunately February is only 4 weeks long. So winter will be over soon (I hope).
    Looking forward to see more african drawings. Always liked african art, especially those totem-like masks and animals.
    Cute little antelope btw. :-)

  2. I love your Africa-inspired art. Can't wait.

  3. Looking forward to this!
    Emily and I recently went to the big Picasso exhibit, and on the way up to the show at the SAM was this awesome display of African Masks. While the Picasso exhibit might have been a once in a lifetime event, the masks really captured our attention. Also I thought Picasso's sculptures were amazing, and they all had a very African look to them. Also next time you come visit Seattle we should go to the Burke Museum of Natural History, you'd love it.

  4. February is good month in African Art history in this we will be doing a number of things. This month give the number of causes to attaché with African Art. February is the tardiest month.

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