Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Here it is, folks! The "Name That Album Cover" contest you've been neglecting your personal hygiene for! Be the first to "comment" the correct album title and band(artist) name for all ten and win the delightful prize bundle pictured at the bottom of this post. And also bask in the glory of winning a contest for which you successfully employed your nearly useless knowledge of album cover imagery. Bravo!

The drawings are listed from ONE (first) to TEN (last) so make your list accordingly when you submit it. There should be no need to make a random guess here - I picked albums based on the uniqueness of the cover image - thus so there is no doubt when you put the drawing and the original cover side by side. If you're uncertain, why, you're already on the internet - you can find out if you're right in like, two seconds.

Good luck!

The reward for completing this inane little exercise in album cover imagery recognition is quite the treat (unless you hate my artwork, then it probably is tantamount to getting kicked in the groin).  What you get is a copy of my book AGGREGATE with a personalized sketch on the inside - an 8.5x11 print of my cover artwork for the D&D book: Dragonborn - and, to sweeten the deal, an original painting from 2004 of an Eberron hobgoblin skulking about in his crazy get-up!  Pretty nice, eh?  Now go name those albums!


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  2. Pete!!!!! You got all but 2 of them correct! But damn, nice job getting 8 of 10 so far. I deleted your comment for now but I have your list - send me an e-mail at and I'll let you know which two are not right. If nobody gets closer than eight, I'll give you the prize anyway but I'll give you a shot to get the other two first.

  3. OK, it's been 25 hours and no winner yet though Pete came close. He has eight of the ten. I'm going to drop some clues that may or may not be of any help. Here they are:

    1 - There are two albums from 1979, one from the 80's, two from the 90's, and the rest are post-2000.

    2 - One is from a classic rock band, one is from an 80's "metal" band, one is rap, one is from an "electronic" band, one is from a hippie jam band, one is from a band that did the score for a movie that came out in 2009, and one is from an iconic female musical artist.

    3 - None are referencing country music.

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  5. Think I got it now
    1.yo la tengo, popular songs
    2.whitesnake, come and get it
    3.missey e (elliot), so addictive
    4.rush, test for echo
    5.chemical brothers, push the button
    6.phish, round room
    7.queens of the stone age, era vulgaris, disco volante
    9.cher, take me home
    10.foreigner, headgames

    great contest. I must have looked a hundreds of covers to find these. It was a fun journey!

  6. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!! Your diligence pays off in a dose of Steve Prescott artwork both original and in print! You already have my e-mail so send me your mailing address and a simple request for a personalized sketch in the book and I'll send it off to you either tomorrow or early next week. I salute you!

  7. Jeez, that was quick! Nice work Peter. I think I could have got it. :)