Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rousing Return to Ravnica Roughs Reach your Retina!

Here are two pencil drawings that became paintings for the first salvo of cards in the Return to Ravnica Magic:The Gathering block.  This first one is called "Hellhole Flailer" - a fitting name for a creepy-ass ogre covered in needly spikes and, well, flailing chains all about.  And, as you can see by jumping over to my ART BLOG, this dude probably DOES live in a Hellhole of some sort.  Or at least it is where he is currently employed.  "Looking to hire large-framed person to wear S&M harlequin outfit and flail chains.  Must be devoid of empathy."

This other one is a soldier token card.  It accompanies the card "Precinct Captain" - both final paintings you can see at THIS LINK. As you'll notice with your astute eyeballing, the tough-as-nails soldier can be seen in the background of Precinct Captain as can the captain be seen standing in the shadows here on the soldier card.  Not really much otherwise to say about it - I just like the drawing of this woman and her keen Ravnican gladius.

On another note, I'm not going to just make this the site where I post the pencil roughs while posting the final art on a separate blog.  I like having the two relate directly from time to time but mostly I just like the idea of this DrawBlog being only about pencil drawings and sketches while the Art Blog encompasses everything else.  Eventually, one or the other will merge into a new Steve Prescott website, but let's face it, I haven't attended to my website in nearly an epoch - and right now, that project is still sitting cold on the back burner.  My last active move on the website front was to purchase the domain "steveprescott.com" which suddenly became available!  Then I went back to painting...


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