Monday, January 19, 2009


What am I doing?  This is madness.  A sketch every single day for a year?  Not that sketching itself is hard - I loves me some drawing and doodles come excessively natural for me.  I mean, I spent 95% of my high school classes doodling.  I can fill the entire table top with crayon drawings by the end of dinner at Macaroni Grill - masterfully avoiding olive oil drips and sauce splashes.  No, the drawing is the easy part.  The daily commitment of it though?  That will test me.  I'm not one to tote a sketchbook around and draw anywhere - at parties, cafes, adult bookstores, secret underground cult chambers, etc.  I rarely even draw just sitting around the house - of course, this could be that if I have time and the creative juices are flowing, I usually apply that energy to whatever pressing gig is currently on my plate.  I'm just not really a casual sketcher.  But maybe, just maybe, this little Sketch-a-Day thing will prove me wrong - that I WILL be able to muster or redirect motivation for something even as simple as drawing a harlequin-hatted dame with an unnerving stare and excessive cleavage.

Let it begin.

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