Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Perhaps this is a bit of cheating but, hey, to get through the next 9 weeks with my sanity intact, I'm going to have to bend the sketch-a-day rules a little.

In this case, I polished up a much looser sketch I did yesterday.  This is the alternate version to that barbarian lady from two days ago - and I think it came out pretty nice all considering.  The only problem - the art director said I had to cover up the flirty little butt flash under those ragged barbarian garments.  Yeah, it is going to be on a book cover - but I've seen much more risque artwork on book covers before - this is nothing.  And besides, the target demographic? Pervy, repressed adolescents.

Oh well, a little bit of artfully placed cloth won't dismantle the image as a whole.  Maybe when the painting is returned I'll go back in and restore it to my original vision.  And sell it to Sir Mix-A-Lot.

1 comment:

  1. What if her butt just appeared really really tanned and chapped- like distressed leather??? Would that help curb HIS pervy-adolescent reaction? I like the little war-hammer strapped to her leg.