Monday, January 26, 2009


Did a fairly quick sketch of our dog Soda in one of her calmer poses - straining slightly at the leash.  She's some sort of amalgamation of terrier types - probably Jack Russel, Rat Terrier, maybe even some Border Collie in there somewheres - plus, she's a bit bigger than the average terrier - coming in at about 35 lbs.  Anyway, she's a killing machine.  She has eradicated rabbits and vanquished moles from our backyard - put the beat down on groundhogs, racoons, and possums, too.  If she could climb or jump about three feet higher, there would be no more squirrels either.  If she catches a whif or a glimpse of a "prey" animal, all normal "pet" modes stop and the only program running is "seek-and-destroy".  Honestly, she goes from pet dog to completely insane wild animal instantly - the battle at Falkirk or a tsunami of sirloin steak could be happening all around her and it would not affect her focus in the slightest - so needless to say, using the normal verbal commands in such situations, well, I'd get better responses getting a brick wall to sit and heal.

Yesterday she caught the smell of a mouse in the house and it was on.  And her brain doesn't turn back on until it is satisfied with the elimination and death of the varmint.  So I had to contain the dog and outsmart the mouse into running into a small cereal box trap I slapped together.  Then I had to go outside and let Soda dispatch the little bastard lest she be a basket case in the house for days - and I'm not kidding about that - if she doesn't feel the kill, she will frantically skitter around the house smelling every nook and cranny over and over and over and over again......for DAYS!  What a dingbat!  

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  1. A 35lb Terrier??? Holy cow! You guys have always attracted the biggest lap dogs on the planet (Tiga). Exquisite speed study my friend.