Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today I spent most of my time trying to lay out and draw up a cover I am doing for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder series.  Somedays I can knock out a cover drawing in a couple hours - other days it is like flogging myself with a spiked pool cue - things just don't fall into place and my eraser gets decidedly smaller.  I respect the process and the struggle of searching for the right drawing in the big pile of crap - but that still doesn't mean it ain't frustrating.

There's also times when you toil and toil and finally lay down a pretty nice drawing only to realize it just isn't going to work for reasons that have nothing to do with drawing or even composition.  In this case, I drew up Pathfinder's iconic barbarian and realized my intentions weren't going to work with her facing the viewer and that I was going to have to redraw her completely from scratch.  I hate wasting a good drawing but it is for the better good of the piece.  So here's the nixed pose.  Much like Mad Max, it exists now......only in our memories.

Speaking of Mad Max, what about that Lord Humungous guy?  He wears a hockey mask, a skimpy S&M outfit, and straps corpses to the front of his vehicle, but he seems like a reasonable man.

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