Thursday, May 7, 2009


I is for Ixchel

The malevolent moon goddess in the Mayan pantheon, Ixchel was often shown as a withered old woman crowned with a snake and wearing a skirt decorated with crossed bones (actually that sounds like normal attire for girls at rock concerts - those crazy youths).  In her clawed hands she held a vessel filled with destruction which she not-so-nicely pours out onto the Earth.

I almost did the Mayan goddess of suicide, Ixtab - I'm not kidding, they had a goddess of friggin' suicide!  Even better, the goddess of suicide is a partially decomposed corpse hanging in a noose from a tree limb.

Ya gotta give it to those Mayans, even their least morbid gods probably ate brains and pulled teeth and wore flayed human skins.


  1. Thems were rough times of mouth piercings and crazy rainforest peyotes and death ball games. Its only fitting.

    I like Tlazolteotl

    They don't mess around with their goddesses.

  2. Nice face and hands on this one!