Sunday, May 3, 2009


H is for Hino

The God of Thunder and guardian of the heavens in Iroquois mythology - a hater and destroyer of monsters and other scumbaggy spirits.  Armed with a tremendous bow and arrows of flame - Hino saved the humans from the mighty serpent of the Great Lakes and sent it back to the sky to lick its wounds.  

There is no mention of whether Hino can defeat the loathsome Zebra Mussel - but I can only assume that a giant flaming arrow or two would probably do the trick.


  1. Sorry this one took so long - I actually couldn't decide on what "H" myth to do for a while - and then, for whatever artist-block reasons, I couldn't scratch a good sketch together for days. Hopefully "I" will go better.

  2. I forgive you. haha. This one may be my favorite so far. It's a close tie with Anubis. If "I" delivers, it's all good.

  3. If the flaming arrows don't do it, perhaps he could crack the Zebra Mussels one-by-one with that nifty skull-cracker in his belt.

  4. You could've done the Hindu god Hanuman... but it would've probably been awesome and then I'd have to kill you and then I'd be on the run from the cops etc etc.

    So it's good you went with Hino.
    Great sketch BTW!

  5. cool stuff man! These alphabet sketches are a great idea, I'm excited to see all 26 creations. (unless you start to add numbers on the end, then it would be more)

    ...but then again, I don't know any mythologies that use numbers as names.


  6. WICKED BLOG! I love all these drawings and I anxiously await for more. It's an awesome idea to have a side project like this to keep yourself going. I can learn a lot from you.