Sunday, May 24, 2009


L is for Lady-of-the-Lake

The Lady was a Celtic enchantress that lived in a castle in the middle of a lake.  She raised Lancelot and tossed Arthur that wacky sword and probably did some other mystical crap in between.

Frankly, "L" had a pretty lame assortment to choose from and I just couldn't muster much enthusiasm for the oft-depicted lake dame.  I guess I could have made her a fish-woman or a weedy hag or big and fat just to do something different - but I just want to get past L and back to the good stuff!


  1. "Watery tarts handin' out swords?! That's no basis for a system of government!" Coulda done Lamia, but she's a little too similar to Echidna. Or, you could have done Lycan or Lycanthrope... but you may be sick of werewolves. Maybe the fearsome Lego golem of Copenhagen?

  2. I'm surprised you didn't go with Lilith, Adamn's first wife and--in some Jewish and Christian lore--literally the mother of all demons. She claimed dominion over newborns, spreading disease and murdering male infants via strangulation. She's pretty serious stuff:

    Great job on the Lady of the Lake, though; I'm really enjoying this series, it's very good stuff. Keep it up!