Sunday, March 29, 2009


This one is for Tim.  One of the toughs that lived in our neighborhood back in the day was named "Mitchell" - isn't that such a bully name?  I mean, MITCHELL for God's sake.  Given, it was his last name but still - his name wasn't Les Walbenstein or Harold Bortle - it was Chris Mitchell - and by those of us he terrorized, he was known simply as Mitchell.  Anyway, Tim and I likened him to a demon the likes of Tim Curry's character in the movie Legend.  And we further fantasized that he roared around our 'hood in a demonic roadster - bellowing threats to the physical well being of the younger kids, the less-tough, and, in my case, the ludicrously geeky.


Still languishing in a sea of all-consuming and brain-frying work.  Alas, is that land I spy between the swells?  Whilst I slog through the remainder of my heavy-duty work, enjoy toadman as he skips the chocolate and graham cracker and goes right for the gooey marshmallow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I knocked one more thing off my list of harrowing deadlines and gorillas on my back.  To celebrate, I'm going to try to get back in Sketch-a-Day rhythm.  I'm RE-starting out slow with a little guy I call TOILETRON.  The small scented votive helps him fit less stinkily into society.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Here's some Euro-hottie doodles.  Why?  Because I was just in Germany.  Why in Germany?  Signing Magic cards.  Do these accurately portray European hotties?  Not really - if I had to make a living accurately portraying anything, I would be king of the hobos. 

By the way, German accents - surprisingly sexy.

Bis morgen.


So, as you may have noticed, my keeping-up with the daily sketch thing....well....I had to all but throw in the towel a little over a week ago.  I have such an enormous amount of work and it has been getting compacted as of late as I struggle to churn out a good product whilst staying true to the deadlines imposed.  As much fun as it is, the daily sketch was the only thing that I could cut back on in order to stave off insanity.  Also, I've been in Germany on a Magic:the Gathering mission for the last week - it should have been only six days except our plane had electrical problems half way across the Atlantic on the return trip and we had to turn around and fly back to Germany!  Good times - good times.

So anyway, my log jam of work is still going on but at least the Germany trip is out of the way and April 10th is my light at the end of the workload tunnel.  Expect sporadic Daily Sketch postings for the next two weeks or so and then hopefully I'll get back on track and do some major catch-ups.  So enjoy the handful of sketches (including the last two in my 80's movie series) I accomplished while learning to spreche wenig Deutsch and suffer through long, tedious days of travel.  


Conan had many conquests, but after so much blood and death, he set his sights on winning the Cimmerian Open and then wearing the crown of mens singles champion upon a troubled brow.  


Skynet, being a super-computer, rarely made a mistake - especially one based on a calculation and not one of those "underestimating the spirit of humans" kinds of mistakes that evil super-computers seem to always make.  No, this one was a simple decimal point error - and a T-800 was mistakingly sent to 64.3 millions years B.C..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Before his cruel reign over the post apocalyptic outback and his unquenchable lust for fuel and strapping victims to the front of his mighty rig, Lord Humungous had humungous dreams and a humungous heart and loved nothing more than spending a sunny day catching trout out of farmer Gundry's pond.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


While the other Predators enjoyed collecting grisly trophies from their macho safaris in the far corners of the galaxy, LongTooth's collecting interests were vastly different - and frankly, made him a bit of an outcast in the Predator community.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Not many people outside of Detroit know that before his career in law enforcement, Robocop's first gig was in mall security.  But 37 dead bodies later (all of which Robo said made "trouble" because they wouldn't "come quietly"), the cyborg police officer was sent to make bloody hamburger out of actual criminals instead of rowdy and unruly shoppers.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


With the Norwegian Research Outpost assimilated and all the sled dogs properly absorbed, The Thing had nothing better to do than take himself for a walk.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I like the idea of weekly themes for the sketches.  I've decided that this week I'm going to visit some old movie pals that helped shape the geekball artist I am today.  

Today I showcase a xenomorph.  There are no more LV426 colonists to frighten or capture, the queen's a bitch, and the chestbursters, well, let's face it, they're really annoying.  So this frustrated drone has busted into a Weyland-Yutani liquor cabinet lookin' to drink away his blues.


Can't muster much energy tonight - been painting all day.  Even with my occasional sketches where I can't dig up anything good, I have to say, this is pretty fun to do (sketch-a-day that is).  I owe my longevity to this point to my fellow sketch-bloggers.  Everyone is doing such fun and inspiring work - it is fuel for the sketching soul.  If I can get a breather after this current torrent of work (ending in April), I'll really hop on the fun-wagon with this!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Nobody and no THING could defeat Laximo Tremendicus in any arena in any sort of gladiator scenario.  The day he was pitted against a hurricane and came out victorious was eclipsed only weeks later when he drubbed into submission the entire continent of Africa - with a net and a blunt log.  Only when the Romans came up with the brilliant scheme of having Tremendicus fight himself did he finally succumb to defeat.  They say his corpse killed or mangled 753 men as they tried to bury his remains beyond the boundaries of the empire.