Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thought I better squeeze in at least ONE post in July before the month closes out! My lapse in posts has been mainly because, well, it's Summer, baby. And even though my workload isn't particularly harrowing and burdensome, I'm still busy with Summer stuff - including a welcome trip to Colorado to hike n' camp around Rocky Mountain National Park - topped by seeing Soundgarden at Red Rocks. Needless to say the entire trip was tantamount to a religious experience.

Enough about that though - I'm adding on to my Groo series with the fearsome, carnage-dealing swordstress Chakaal - who is, of course, Groo's perpetual love interest. I would have drawn her all the way down to her feet - but I ran out of room in the sketchbook!

More Groo characters to come!