Friday, January 25, 2013


Can't get enough goblin-oriented pencil drawings?  Well then, I'll have to oblige.  Here we follow up the previously posted "Brewing Faction" goblins with their own Beer Battle Cart which they can only use on downhill antagonists.  Notice the goblin puking - if I can work the act of puking into an illustration, by golly I will!

Above and the next two drawings are some goblin structures.  We have Goblin Political headquarters, A plutonium bomb factory, and a sorcerer's tower.

Looking at the plutonium bomb factory, I am reminded of my approach to goblin society.  Their society is much like how human society would be without ANY regulations of any kind and if you scrapped almost all design aesthetic.

And lastly, a goblin dentist.  He can help you with premium dentures OR budget dentures.  And no need to fuss over Novocain and pain relief - he doesn't really believe in that.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Here I present to you some members of the Mobster faction of goblins - including, of course, the mob boss.  The "Gob"father, so to speak.

Also included here are "legal" mobsters, otherwise known as the political faction.  ZING!  Take that, politicians!  The decree-maker goblin (above) is one of my favorites!

This little fella is the mayor's assistant.  Below is the mayor goblin pictured with a member of the "Dark Arts" faction.  Appropriate.  - Zing again!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013


Tossing out a few more goblin drawings for ya.  Here are a trio of drawings for the Goblin society's favorite spectator sport: GoBall.  I have no idea how it is played but it's fun just to come up with the possible positions.  I intended to draw a goalie goblin, too but never got around to it.

Yes there are even Goblin hippies.

Yes, there are even narcissistic self-improvement Goblins. Who forget to improve their legs.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


To start out 2013 on my blog-o'-pencil art I'm going to be posting a whole mess of goblin drawings.  With tongue-in-cheek I often endearingly generalize that my job is "drawing goblins".  It's often easier to tell people that have no clue about the gaming world, the fantasy art world, or the fantasy gaming art world that I draw goblins and dragons all day then to try and describe not only what a collectable card game is or Dungeons & Dragons, but also to describe how my artwork fits in with that.  I'm usually pretty sure that no matter how much I say, the listener only hears "draws goblins and dragons all day" anyway.

*This drawing is my fave - sums up all you need to know about the flavor of the goblin world. A frying pan, a plunger, a board with nails? All viable goblin weapons!

You and I know of course that I draw and paint a whole lot more than just goblins.  HOWEVER, in 2007, an art director at Wizards of the Coast, having just seen my concept work on Lorwyn, called me up wanting me to work on a little online game side project.  The game was all but entirely based around a humorously crazy, chaotic, and extremely volatile society of goblins.  This of course, sounded like loads of fun to me.

*There were many different goblin factions - this one was all anarchists! And the piece at the top is the Brewing Faction.  How fun is that?

I worked feverishly from my home studio for a few months on this project and churned out dozens and dozens of drawings of goblins and their genius-but-dangerously flawed technologies and tools. I never found out how the game was actually going to work or what it would finally look like - it was shelved indefinitely for years.  Just a few months ago I found out that the project was dead.  This was sad to me because I thought there was some great and fun ideas put together by the art director and myself.  I passively inquired whether the rights to the images and ideas could be bumped down to me but Wizards still owns the rights it all (for whatever it is actually worth to them).  I wondered about repurchasing the rights to my stuff but I have enough other stuff going on right now that such a transaction, if even feasible, can wait for now.

BUT, the good news is that I am free to share the drawings as I please!!!  So enjoy the silly goblins - and remember that they're all copyright©Wizards of the Coast.