Friday, April 4, 2014

Time To Start Teasing!

Haven't posted much on either of my blogs as of late. That's due to mostly lack of time but also lack of sharable content. At least, content that is pertinent to the now and the few-months-from-now.

That is because I have stumbled into a fantastic and fantastically fun project that is a bit of an adventure. And though still in essence a fantasy game, it is most definitely unlike anything I have done in my career so far.

It is extremely exciting on many levels. Besides being outside my comfort zone of my usual array of TCG art and RPG manual covers, I have a tremendous amount of creative freedom - plus, I will retain rights to the artwork. The work done for this game will certainly be a career highlight - and possibly, if the game proves popular, will become a major part of my life for quite some time.

Vague enough? Yeah, I'll leak out more about the game in greater and greater detail the further along we move. But besides the drawings at the top here (of which they are but 3 of some 75 or so - eventually full-color), I'll dish out a few other tidbits: I'm working with a company in Denmark. My art director and liaison to the Danes is fellow acrylic-using goblin-painter Jesper Ejsing. And finally, the game is set for a late Summer or early Fall release so expect lots of promotional stuff at my GenCon Art Show booth in August. You didn't know I was going to be at GenCon this year? That's right - I'm back! August 14-17, baby!