Monday, August 30, 2010


Dogs? Not slavering hounds from planes of evil and chaos - but silly ol' dogs? That's right - just when you think I'm going to go fastball high and tight, I throw a change-up and make you look silly. And what's with the baseball analogy?

Anyways, yes - dogs. A good friend wanted to get a little sumthin special for her beau so she requested a drawing of the four dogs that they share their lives with. In a very rare occurrence, I worked directly from photographs - *gasp*! - and exaggerated some of the their features ever so slightly to emphasize character.

This was a fun little side project. But don't expect a series of sketchy dog portraits now though.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


"My Wish is Your Command" is another piece for a Archenemies Magic: The Gathering card. Along with the previous post's "Fauna Shaman", this is one of the most fun pieces I have done for the acclaimed collectable card game. The drawing I am particularly fond of mainly because it took so long to get to. I must have went through a dozen or so iterations of this awkward concept before something finally clicked. Someday soon I will post to final painting but for now, enjoy the pencils!