Saturday, May 15, 2010


Most likely for the rest of this gonna-be-crazy Summer I'm going to be posting various pencilworks that I have included in my book: AGGREGATE: The Art of Steve Prescott. I'm doing this for two reasons -
1) to promote my book which everybody should buy if only to reduce the amount of boxes taking up room in my studio!
And 2) because I'm going to be insanely busy with a wide array of projects and work for at least the next two and a half months which will make squeezing in some fresh draw-blog material difficult (but not to be completely counted out!)

Today's post is a preliminary drawing I did for a German card game called : BlueMoon. I did the entire "Buka" set which you can check out HERE.

This particular drawing became THIS PAINTING which was one of my favorites from the whole set. AGGREGATE includes a two-page spread of drawings from this project.

What is this AGGREGATE book I speak of? Go to: ROTTFACE NEWS for more info (second article down.)

Monday, May 3, 2010


That's right, people! My books are finally in and ready for the purchasing! Since this is my Draw-Blog, I'll spare you most of the blather and commentary. But, if you insist on a bit more information (not to mention ORDERING information), I then send you to ROTTFACE NEWS.

For the sake of interest and for something worthy of being on my Draw-Blog, I have posted the raw image for the wrap-around cover to my book - sans type and such - as you can see. I actually did this drawing in two separate pieces and just kind of stitched it together taking advantage of the hair texture to hide the seam. The wonders of photoshop.......