Friday, July 23, 2010


Leading up to GenCon, I thought I'd chuck a Magic: The Gathering drawing up on the ol' drawblog. This drawing is for "Fauna Shaman" and the finished painting (which you can see over at ROTTFACE NEWS) is one of my favorite that I have done for Magic. Yeah, you can argue that maybe it isn't my best piece - but a lot of the feelings I have for my artwork comes from how much fun I had creating it. In the case of Fauna Shaman, I had loads of fun.

In fact, I knew going in that this would be a fun painting so I made it a much bigger image than necessary. The cropline for the actual card art is roughly through the middle of Mr. Toad.

Anyway, if you're wondering what my status is for GenCon, again, go on over to ROTTFACE NEWS and waste some more time reading my writings!