Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lorwyn Concepts 5

I still have a few more Lorwyn concept drawings to toss out there, yes I do! In this three-pic installment you will lay thine eyes upon my design for a Shadowmoor merfolk. Where Lorwyn merfolk were like fish-like mermaids, when the world got all dark and sinister by Shadowmoor, the merfolk became more like mermaid-like fish. We needed to figure out a way for them to be able to travel and fight while NOT in water so I took a page from walking catfish and gave them little clawed fins and a eel-body with which they could slither up onto land and hack away at some enemies.

The third piece is a grouping on Shadowmoor boggarts lookin' all creepy and vaguely like somebody dropped some bat and goat DNA in the bowl by accident.

Two more things, I am going to be launching a sister blog to my draw-blog. It will basically encompass everything that isn't pencil drawings and sketches. I'll post current finished artwork as well as stuff dug up from the deep dark past, step-by-steps, insights, and various things for sale. Speaking of that, since I'm in the middle of a Lorwyn revisiting, I'll be posting all my remaining original artwork with sale prices - expect that at some point this month.

Also, I haven't mentioned my book of pencil drawings in a while: AGGREGATE: The Art of Steve Prescott. I have sold out of the limited editions but I still have regular signed (upon request) copies for sale. If you like what you see on this blog, you'd probably really enjoy the book. Check out a very tiny taste on my website placeholder page HERE!