Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eberron Revisited! (Kind of)

Hey, remember Eberron? It's still close to my hear because I was one of the concept artists that helped give visual cues to all the cool stuff found in the D&D off-shoot. I did a lot of interior art specific to the various Eberron books that came out in the mid-aughties - many of which I unearthed in my studio during my latest clean-up and containment surge.

This isn't a revisit to Eberron where I post a bunch of Eberron drawings so much as a ham-fisted attempt to get some of you Eberron fans out there to buy this old artwork I found and give it a better place to while away the rest of eternity than a shabby box in my studio.

Over on my Art-Blog I have posted a bunch of these old Eberron pieces including an epic panoramic cover painting of the dragon continent of Argonessen done for the Eberron book: Dragons of Eberron.

Any purchases over $300 also get an original Eberron-specific drawing such as the one at the top of this post!  Contact me at: steve2@rottface.com with any interest or questions!