Monday, May 4, 2015


Yes yes, not a post with cool pencil drawings in it but, HEY, I've been busy. Been busy helping to create this kick-ass app game for IOS mobile devices called SoulSpark! 

The game will be released worldwide Thursday May 7th and it will be free to download.

I did all the illustration work for the game - some 71 characters and creatures - plus another 78 illustrations of maps, icons, weapons, equipment, and splash screens.

Still not sold? Check out this kick-ass video trailer!!!

Like I says, it is free to download so do check it out. If you're a fan of strategy, deck-building, and intense action wrapped up into a real-time game of card battles featuring delightfully fun artwork, I'm guessing you'll fall in love with this game. And if that's the case, help us spread the word of SoulSpark!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Midwestern Over-Saturation Tour 2015!!

I apologize for posting a non-pencilsketch post on my blog that is exclusively about drawing BUT this blog gets way more traffic than my other blog and I'm looking to get some public appearance news out there.

So yes, starting at the very end of February and ending in mid-August, I will be appearing at FIVE shows (and one college presentation) - all within a 6 hour drive radius of Central Ohio. Despite the appearance, this is not a conscious attempt to saturate the midwest and make everyone sick of seeing me but I'm assuming that's how it will feel by the end of Summer. Never-the-less, here's a breakdown of everywhere I'll be in our beloved 'flyover' territory:

First is a fledgling convention called ShumatsuCon that is right here in Columbus, Ohio. It's a small convention that is essentially everything geek culture: movies, comics, games, cosplay, animation, etc. The show is February 27 through March 1. You can find more information HERE. I encourage you to check it out - but if you're only interested in seeing me and/or my artwork, I will only be there on Saturday February 28th so plan accordingly!

Second up is Magic:The Gathering GP Cleveland! The dates of the event are March 13, 14, and 15. I'll be there all three days signing cards, doing painted alters, selling prints and APs, and doing playmats sketches - the usual Magic artist stuff.

My next appearance after that isn't until the first weekend in May and it's not even in the US! I'll be at GP Toronto on May 1, 2, and 3 for my first ever Magic event in Canada! I'm pretty excited about this one - I haven't been to Toronto in over 25 years - which was probably the last time I was in Canada, too.  So all you Northern North Americans, come on by!

After GP Toronto, I'll have a couple months to prepare for mighty GenCon which is always a great time. If you're a gamer of any sort and love a good geeky/nerdy convention spectacle (and especially if you live within a reasonable traveling distance), GenCon is a must-see. GenCon is July 30th through August 2nd. I'll be there all four days selling art, prints, sketches, playmats, books, etc. Tons of other great artists will be there as well - the artist guest of honor is Tony DiTerlizzi! For more information, go HERE.

Last on my Midwestern Over-Saturation Tour is GP Detroit which is just two short weeks after Gencon: August 15-16. As with the previously mentioned Magic:The Gathering events, I'll be signing cards, doing painted alters, selling prints and APs, doing Playmat, sketches, and all that film flam. PLUS, one of the exclusive GP Detroit playmats will be done by me so get there early and make sure you get one!

And so will endeth my Spring and Summer appearance schedule. Anyone outside of the MidWest and doesn't feel like traveling for any of these shows, well, I'll just have to catch ya somewhere else someday.