Thursday, May 19, 2011


"There's a really angry blue woman mutilating some tourists!" said Marcus Antanapala to the emergency dispatcher. He made the call after a bluish, tusked woman with ridiculous cleavage erupted from a ruin site and rained terrific clawed blows down upon the idiotic onlookers as they attempted to take pictures with their cell phones.
"Does she have tusks, armor protecting her knees and forearms, a fairly big rack, and is exuding a sense of total 'Grrrrawesomeness'?" asked the dispatcher.

"Um yeah. How'd you know?"

"OK, sir. She's a female troll from World of Warcraft. I'll send a black-n-white to check into it. Have a nice day, sir."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guy that fights dragons.

Just a heads up to everyone - I'm about to enter a maelstrom of furious work that'll take me into June. The chances that I get some posts up on my Draw-Blog in the next five or six weeks may be as slim as Donald Trump is annoying and douchey. Luckily, I still have a reserve of preliminary drawings I can tap for just such occasions.

That said, here's a portion of a drawing I did for a Magic: The Gathering card called "Silver Knight". Almost all of the cropped out parts were extensively overhauled in photoshop after I scanned it in. I even changed his helmet and a few other details once I started painting it, too.

To see the final piece, you'll have to "friend" me on Facebook or wait another 43 years when I finally relaunch my website.