Monday, March 29, 2010


Z is for Zägh

A mysterious giant bird in Islamic mythology, Zägh is said to have a human head and the ability to understand and speak all the languages of mankind. So basically, a big, weird, translator that is able to fly from one language-barriered conversation to the next.

This manface bird could have been very useful to the Babylonians when they were trying to build their crazy tower. If you recall, the Tower of Babel was supposed to be built high enough to reach heaven - but since it was being built as a testament to the ingenuity and totally-awesomeness of mankind (and not the totally-awesomeness of God), Yahweh came down and bestowed upon the Babylonians citywide language confusion. The Babylonians could not understand one another anymore. The brick layers wanted more mortar but they kept getting tunafish casserole - the architects demanded more buttresses but kept getting slapped in the face. Thusly, their lack of communication halted construction of their ridiculous tower and it fell into ruin.

AGGREGATE update: My 80-page book of delightful pencil drawings, sketches, and doodles is nearing the end of the printing process. If all goes well, I should have the books in a week or less!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Y is for Yehwe Zogbanu

If you be a hunter wandering around the west African state of Dahomey and you don't mind where you be walkin', you might just stumble into the territory of Yehwe Zogbanu - and that would be quite bad for you (especially if you like being alive and uneaten).

Yehwe is said to be a gigantic, fiendishly predatory giant with 30 horns on his head and body. And he likes to kill and eat hunters that wander into his yard. So next time you see a "No Trespassing" sign - well, consider staying out of there.

On another note, my book AGGREGATE is now going to print!!!! I'm hoping to get the books possibly by the end of March - maybe early April!!!!