Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Columbus Ohio!

Here's a rough sketch for "Zealous Conscripts" - posted to give me reason to mention the following:

For any of y'alls that have interest, you probably know about this already but next weekend (July 20, 21, 22) I will be attending the Magic Grand Prix in Columbus, Ohio as a guest artist along with Steve Belledin.  It's your chance to get cards signed by two Magic artists named Steve in one Magic event!  Ya just can't pass that up, no sir.  How can you go to your grave knowing you missed out on double-Steve card signing action?  You can't, so be there!

The event is at the Columbus Convention Center - we're scheduled to sign all three days.  Both of us will be selling artist proofs, prints, original paintings, books, and, of course, convention sketches.  We might even sell locks of our hair braided together into bracelets complete with friendship beads!  Anything goes!!!

One last thing that has nothing to do with the above information - be sure to check out my Art Blog - different from this here "Draw" Blog in that it pretty much encompasses everything else of mine outside of the world of pencil drawings.  The latest post is about some tattoo art that has my fingerprints all over them.