Saturday, October 23, 2010


With a little surge in posts not seen since the early days of my draw-blog, I made my way to Sketch-of-the-day 100! And it only took me about 500+ days to get to that number. Wow. Bad.

I wish I had something more grand to display for this momentous occasion - but, considering the jobs I have beating down on my schedule like a silverback, this is all I had time for - a modest random-sketchbook-doodle. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and since plugging my book of pencil drawings hasn't gotten a plug in a while - I will take the time to plug my book: Buy my book! Seriously. Do it. Your life can't possibly be complete without it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is an oldy I dug out of a folder of D&D miniature designs that was still lingering on my computer. Ugh - age does not serve many of my D&D miniature drawings very well - but some of them do retain some fun and flair. This one is fairly nice - even if it does look like she has no left arm. The miniature came out nice, too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



In other news, Studio Rottface has moved to Dublin, Ohio! So all y'all Magic: The Gathering folk out there that like to send cards for signing would be advised to e-mail me first ( lest your cards go to my old studio location. Which is now a deep chasm with a river of bewitched magma at the bottom.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Will I break the 100 entry mark before the end of the year? These days, that seems to be asking a lot. While everyone else was having fun and taking vacations, I spent the Summer slogging through a long chain of decidedly UNfun days - all revolving around the profoundly stressful project of cleaning and "staging" one house for selling, looking for, finding, and buying a new house, and then MOVING into the new house. Now, living amidst boxes, I can say that the worst is over - unfortunately, so is Summer!

I celebrate my melancholy over a lost season by posting a random sketchbook page that I doodled out in some Renton hotel room at the very beginning of Summer so many moons ago....