Sunday, November 27, 2011

She Really Grinds My Gears

A friend of mine enlisted me to embellish on a tattoo he has had for the last 15 some-odd years. It's the Loony Tunes Marvin the Martian holding a "FORD" flag and drinking a Coors. Just kidding - though I have indeed seen tattoos as mindbogglingly idiotic as that. No, the tattoo has a couple people getting run through gears and he wanted a few more around the edges. Here's one of the less "gear-mangled" figures I did for that - polished up a little bit to put on this here draw-blog.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Limited Edition AGGREGATES!!!

I posted a couple of these L.E. drawings a couple weeks back but the post was skimpy and lonely so I decided to delete that one and make it a foursome for this much NEWER post - though really I don't have anything new to say. Other than check out these fun drawings!

Well, my workload is getting into a thick spot now. Time to buckle up and saddle up and soldier on and put the pedal to the medal and bite the bullet and separate the men from the boys and all those other things people say when they have to stop getting distracted by Facebook and blogs and go do some friggin' work, fer Gad's sake.

But on the edge of this madness, I'm able to scan some drawings from my recently sold Limited Edition Aggregates (my book of fantasy pencil drawings). I've sold nearly all of them now. I might even be done with the Limited Edition thing before Christmas! If you have interest in buying one of my books with a signed and numbered original pencil drawing on the title page, ya better make your move!

Diminutive sketch of a diminutive fella

I did this ho-hummer sitting at my daughter's little art desk that we have in our main living room. She wanted me to sit and draw with her and she handed me a sheet of paper and one of her wonky school-grade pencils. I always thought it was my trusty old .5 mechanical pencil that held the powers to drawing but I guess any old utensil will do. Until things go wrong and the drawing looks terrible - then it IS the materials, not the artist.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Totally Nordic

Just a little doodle out of my sketchbook for ya today. This was actually something completely different at first but I thought it had more of a viking marauder essence than what it was supposed to be so I took it that direction just for fun.