Monday, April 15, 2013

Some Ravnica Under-Drawings

Just to bridge the time until the next post of interest, here are a handful of my roughs that went on to become paintings for Return to Ravnica Magic: The Gathering cards.  Pictured above is the line drawing for "Gem-Eye Drake".

Below is the line drawing for "Crowned Ceratok" (one of my favorite pieces from this Return to Ravnica block).

And lastly, here's the drawing for a card called "ShowStopper" which is coming out very soon in the "Dragon's Maze" set for Ravnica.  Apparently, the final card art will grace the official playmat for Grand Prix Kansas City in July.  Oh yeah, and guess who is gonna be there to scribble on them all with  his trusty Sharpies? If you guessed "some tool" you are CORRECT!

Speaking of Grand Prix appearances, I'll be at the GP Providence in Rhode Island June 7, 8, and 9! If you're a lobstah-eatin' chowdah-head that happens also to be a wicked Magic fan, I'll be seein' you there!