Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lorwyn Concepts 2

Here is an attempt at a black-leaning treefolk - a sinister deciduous bastard that awoke in the "Shadowmoor" set. It's just fun to draw gnarly branches!

And secondly, a couple very very early versions of what would become the much more human-looking Kithkin. I think the vaguest early description was that Kithkin (or whatever we were calling them at the time) were simply the replacements for humans in Lorwyn. And we went from there.

These early Kithkin concepts were probably done in the first day or two of concepting. In that stage, at least for me, I'm just throwing down anything that seems like it might capture the flavor of the setting to see what the art director is looking for. It's the buckshot approach - fire off a large spray of smaller drawings to see what hits the mark and go from there.


  1. Very cool.

    Those rat kithkin look like they might have been a more interesting interpretation during the Shadowmoor sets then just the normal human-esque ones.

  2. That may have been my angle with the rat-dude. I can't recall exactly but I'm sure part of the info we were given was that Lorwyn would get all dark and creepier with Shadowmoor.

  3. Oh Man! These are SUPER SUPER Cool!!! Love these!

  4. Wow... I will pay you for that rat man drawing. Great stuff Steve!

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